Meet Brian Thompson...

Creator of The Cancer Currency

The man behind the money

To truly create a new currency takes years of learning, craft, and artistry. Journeyman banknote designer Brian Thompson – creator of the artwork for The Cancer Currency – has worked in this field for 35 years.

As the artist and designer behind the current US $50 and $100 dollar bills, Brian became the first African-American to design federally used paper money in 2013, so lending his expertise to the design process of The Cancer Currency was integral in its creation.

Beyond banknote design, Brian has worked on a number of different design and art projects ranging from album covers to book covers, paintings for various food & beverage establishments, design consulting, and mentoring of emerging creative artists. He is also an advocate for Autism Awareness, taking part in public speaking on the topic, and is a pastor of a missional international community called Easel Outreach.

“It was very important to be a part of the Cancer Currency project to give back to my community in the form of art and design to help with the awareness of metastatic breast cancer. I personally have various family and friends who have suffered with the disease.”

Brian Thompson - BT Creative LLC

Ensure those living with mbc are counted and valued

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