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Share The Cancer Currency to highlight the true value of those living with MBC.

What is a life with Metastatic Breast Cancer worth?

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is an incurable disease. One where those diagnosed have no idea how much time they have left.

Currently under-recognized and under-represented, those living with MBC have been left to feel ignored and worthless. But now we have the power to change that.

We need to ensure those living with MBC are treated with the same importance as those living with other cancers, and that their lives are counted, their stories understood, and their worth acknowledged.

So, it’s time to highlight the immense value people living with MBC still have to offer, however long they have left.

That’s why we’ve created The Cancer Currency, the most valuable currency in the world.

Introducing The Cancer Currency...

The most valuable currency in the world. It has been created to represent the value every person living with MBC still has to offer, however long that may be.

Each note celebrates a real person, and the years that person has lived with MBC so far is printed in the top right corner. An important number that becomes the face value of each denomination of the currency.

There is no better way to showcase the immense value those living with MBC still have to offer the world than with a currency that is made to be shared. Because everybody understands the value of money.


“I’ve lived more in these last 11 years than I did in the 37 years before.”

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"I'm doing my best all the time. I still have so much to do... to offer."

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"I want them to see that I had all this time after my diagnosis. I'm still enjoying life."

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"Until I have to move on, whatever it is, I'm going to do it."

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"I wasn't sure I'd see my 40th birthday. Now, I'm 47. And I'm still here."

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Creating the Currency...

Working in partnership with Europa Donna, journeyman banknote designer, artist, and pastor Brian Thompson – the man behind the current US $50 and $100 bill design – created the five unique denominations of The Cancer Currency.

Each one is a priceless piece of art painstakingly brought to life in the form of paper currency, built to tell the true story of an individual living with MBC.

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Ensure those living with mbc are counted and valued

Share The Cancer Currency to highlight the true value of those living with MBC.

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